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Improve Outcomes for Your Pediatric Clients

Without Working Harder


Understand parents, get them engaged, and empower them to support their kids in any challenge they face.


Get to Know the Parents



Parents are often disengaged during therapy sessions,

but with the right tools you can

turn them into a team player.


Your clients will experience more success and parents will gain confidence with their kids

(and have higher therapy satisfaction too!)


I'm on a mission to provide pediatric therapist with skills and tools to improve client outcomes and professional satisfaction.


Resources to Improve Parent Engagement

Are you getting parent buy-in from the start?

Understand the parent's play preferences

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What Hinders Parent Engagement & Effective Strategies to Overcome Barriers

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Questions to Determine Parent Resources

Find out if the parent REALLY has the resources to complete the home program

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What Parent Engagement Means for OTs...


* Kids reach their goals faster, allowing you to get to the kids on your waitlist


* Do More creative and complex interventions because another set of hands is available.


* Fewer emails and recreating handouts because parents see and understand the activities you're recommending.


* Coaching parents means you're not doing all the heavy lifting by yourself each session.


Fast-Track Parent Engagement in Your Clinic WithThis Comprehensive Course


Do you want to decrease your workload and frustration while increasing your client outcomes?


Check out the full parent engagement course:


The Power of Parental Involvement: Techniques for Maximizing Home Program Results


The program to engage parents, boost children's progress, and equip parents with the skills to effectively handle daily challenges.


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The OT Chatter...

"Stephanie has combined the research with her expertise and passion for helping kids and families into a valuable tool. I highly recommend this program to improve the experience for both therapists and clients." 

- Kelli Iranshad OTD, OTR/L

"I'm so thankful that Stephanie has made her wealth of knowledge available to therapists. Im a pediatric OT with 20-plus years and have turned to her for advice many times."

- Christy Strange OTR/L


Pediatric OT and Parent Engagement Tips In Your Inbox


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