As a private practice owner, I have seen the impact parent engagement has on the therapists, kids, and even the parents themselves. The resources I share here will help therapists improve that engagement.

I'm no stranger to the challenge of getting parents to engage in the therapy process either. If you ever feel like you're hitting your head against the wall - know you're not alone!

I noticed a slow decrease in parent engagement over the years… but COVID flipped therapy on its head because suddenly parents could avoid being part of the sessions altogether. 

As a private practice owner, I saw the impact it had on the therapists, kids, and even the parents themselves. 

It intrigued me so much (and was impacting our ability to serve more kids) that I dove into the topic of parent engagement during my doctoral capstone. 

What I discovered was far different than what I expected when I started my research. It went deeper than simply “talking to the parents” more often.

The Power of Parental Involvement: Techniques for Maximizing Home Program Results

is perfect for you if...

You know your clients will EXCEL if you can get parents on board

You would like to be able to discharge long-term kids who you are just doing maintenance care

You want parents to understand why you do what you do - It's not just PLAY

You're newer to the field (0-5 yrs), just transitioned to peds, or have noticed that parents are just different since COVID

You do great at engaging MOST of your clients but you want ALL parents on board