Do you get tired of giving home programs that don't get implemented?

Download this PDF to get questions to determine if your program fit the resources, time and environment of the family.

Are you struggling to get ALL parents to engage in their child's therapy or home program?

When you ask parents how the home program went do they confess to not doing it or make up excuses?ย 

Have you resigned yourself to believing that certain parents simply aren't interested in being involved in their child's therapy?

You're in good company. I had these thoughts and feelings too. During my post-doctoral program, I dedicated my research to parent engagement.


Unfortunately, there isnโ€™t just one solution.

Parent engagement is caused by a multitude of factors, and guess what, they all depend on each other. OYE!

No fear! I've broken it down into easy-to-digest chunks.

You will walk away with ready-to-use tools. New grad? Seasoned therapist? Clinic owner? Everyone will benefit.

To find out what questions to ask parents to get a better understanding of their needs, simply click the link below. It's completely free!

Your partner in pediatrics,