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STOP wasting your time and start asking the right questions to determine if the parent understands, has the tools, and is capable of performing what you are recommending. Click the button below to get a free download!

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Webinar: Learn the challenges that hinder parent engagement

By watching this webinar, you'll:
  • Be able to spot engagement barriers.
  • Utilize strategies taught to break down the barriers.
  • Ultimately make your job easier by getting the parent on your team leading to increased client outcomes and decreased burn-out.
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An Online Guide to Better Parent Engagement

Tried traditional methods of parental involvement? They can be time-consuming and ineffective. Get ahead of the curve with our online course modules and coaching to maximize home program results. Follow the link below to learn more about -

The Power of Parental Involvement: Techniques for Maximizing Home Program Results!

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New E-Book! "What's Stopping YOU From Getting  Parent Engagement?"

Feeling overwhelmed doing all the work while parents are in the lobby or on their phones? Put an end to burnout! Learn the secrets to getting parents on your team, actively participating, and taking charge of the home program. Don't miss out on these transformational strategies!

  • Decode what true engagement entails.
  • Uncover the influence of client interactions on parent engagement.
  • Bridge the gap in perspectives between therapists and parents.
  • Unlock the right questions for a fail-proof home program.
  • Master the art of collaborative problem-solving with parents.
  • Educate parents on the 'why' behind your chosen activities.
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